Monday, February 25, 2013

I've Lost My Very Best Friend

This post will very long and probably several post. I really don't know where to start. My heart is so broken, I can't get over it I feel my life is actually over. I have cried everyday day For four months and I don't see any letting up. Never in a million years I would have thought I would not have Mike around but that did happen. He was my very best friend, we both loved each other so much. Sure we had disagreements but that was natural and it never was really bad. He wanted to go to the mountains in October of 2012, but that never came to pass. Mike got to not feeling well probably at the beginning of the summer of 2012 not realizing that he was really ill and we had no idea how bad he was. This post will be kinda mixed because just curtains things come to my mind not in any order. I just remember I got so upset because I had no idea what was going on with him and he told me, " do you think God would let anything happen to me after what all I went through in Atlanta", and I said no. I really thought he would be fine and be back home and go back to work. He loved his company and his job, he was an outside person. I see him every place I go in my home, outside and at church. Every Sunday I have the worst time getting to church. Most every Sunday we went together, he would sing on the praise team and then come sit by me. Now, when I get to church there is a blank place and a empty seat and sometimes I cannot bear it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well the progress is VERY slow on the flooring,and stove. The people from Carpet Country were to come but did a no show, so not sure about that. My counter is too narrow to put in any kind of new stove, unless I want it to stick out 3 inches from the end of the counter. I DON'T THINK SO!!! I was pretty let down about that, so now I am not sure what to do. The new burners do not fit right and the silver things don't either. So, the stove is a mess!!! I guess the new models are much bigger now days. I also want a convection oven which makes the price a little higher.
I was off today and did a few invoices for Mike, cooked and then decited to ask Matthew to come over and try and get tea spill out of my car seat with their new cleaning machine. OMGoodness, what a difference that makes. I was so excited to see all the nasty gross dirty water, and I was not let down at all. I loved it as much as Matthew liked it. I want to buy one, but I mentioned it to Mike and he said, just use Matthew's. I knew that was coming.
I am so excited #1- the weather is going to be really cool for about 2 days and #2- I am off Sat,Sun,and Mon., I know I did not puncuate correctly and some how my spell check is not listed. So, this probably is a mess. I might see if we can go scalloping at the cape.
We have this young puppy that hangs with Bailey and he is the sweetest thing. At first he was so scared of us but that has changed. Bailey really beats him up and they play all day long well at least most of the day. She won't let him get close to Mike though, and that is pretty funny to watch.
I have on all 3 fans, and hope the windows will get opened in a few minutes. Enjoying this cooler weather. Celie came over with her parents today, and she says,"Meme, why do you still have your PJ's on"? My answer was, it was my day off!!! ;0)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well today we go to Tallahassee for Mike's chemo treatment. He has really done good with his treatments he takes them every other week and it makes for getting them over a little longer. So today they are changing the meds to see if he can take it every week. In October we go to Emory for a check up I guess to see if anything is showing up any place else. We are taking a few days off to go visit the cooler weather I hope will be around by then while in Atlanta.
I know for a fact that the fall of the year is my most favorite time of the year. You still can do things outside, making fall wreaths are really fun, the sunsets are the most beautiful, football games and Thanksgiving. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
In a few months, three to be exact I will be 60. OH MY GOODNESS, that's fine with me. I get treated like I am younger anyway(by everyone)I think older people forget that I am almost their age. haha I am gotten on to like I am a child, too funny!
I guess we all do that as well, I know I do. And I am trying to do better about getting on to my sons which are 32 and 28. I guess getting on to and showing respect for others is kind of on the same order. I was always taught,"respect your elders".
I think Mike is making some headway with the flooring in the house, but not really sure. He wanted to put lamanate flooring in the side back bedroom and down the hall, not good for me. So I suggested the living and hall only and keep carpet in the bedrooms. Not sure if that will happen but he agreed, also a new stove. I really want a flat top, because of cleaning. The stove I have I hate, when you spill the top won't lift up to clean. Gas is nice but a little scared of the fumes that would make me worry all the time. Go figure LOL

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Changed Life, for SURE

This will probably take a few post before I ever finish this. My life has changed in a way that I never thought it would. So many things have happened since March that I never wish on any one at all.
Mike had been getting sick for a couple of months and losing weight not knowing that the dreaded "C" word was the culprit of all his sickness. It really happened so fast after the fact and for about 6 weeks I was a wreck. Away from home, family and friends it seemed like I was in a dream.
I want to put this in next, to have friends you must show yourself friendly. I never will ever say I want to move from Port St Joe, MY HOME!!!!! I never knew how many friends Mike and I really had until all his sickness and hospitalization. We truly had loving and caring people and friends call and come by while we were in Atlanta. I still can't believe it all and we have been home a little over a month. We had a wonderful homecoming when we arrived with a few friends and family. It really took my breath away and I had to compose myself or I would have lost it.
I am so thankful for my hometown and the friends that make it all so worth living here.
The cards were so many and still continue after being home. Where else but a small town can you say, you had the red carpet rolled out for you?
Loving friends and praying family is worth everything from a small town even if there are some inconveniences, I would never trade it for a bigger town that no one hardly knows your name. I think there is a song about it, can't think of it right now.
One last thing before I end, I thank GOD and only GOD for our new friend and will call him family from now on Dr. Durval. He really doesn't know that it was God that put him in Mike's life for such a time as this. This is how God works and we never can figure Him out.
When you see Mike just ask him about his hometown Port St Joe, he will gladly share it with you if you care to listen.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I can't waste a lot of time here, since I have only 15 minutes to write before it is 12:00am. I should be asleep since I have got to get up so early. But I am not tired due to the fact that I took a nap this afternoon.
There has been several things that have happened in the last few weeks. Mike was in the ER with high sugar, there has been this terrible flu junk going around. I didn't get that but just the coughing ugg ugg!!!
So tomorrow we start Mike on insulin injections, yes sir I am a little scared to give it to him. But got to do it or somebody does.
I have worked almost 4-10 hour days, I think I really like it to. At least I get 3 days off counting Sunday.
We had Bailey fixed, she is still the same, but we really love her. She is so smart and loving but still somewhat destructive. I know that we owe Matthew and Sarah a few things that she chewed up, I think. I know some shoes for sure LOL.
Adam and Marci are coming next weekend since they have off on Presidents Day. I know Britt and Paisley are wanting to see Celie and Libby for sure, so I hope that will work out. They had such a good time at Disney so hopefully this time also.
OK times up!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vacation is Over :0(

Well I tried to change my own blog page and totally messed up the whole thing. I am so glad that I have someone to fix it for me. I just can't for some reason figure it out.
I can truly say that this was the BEST vacation that I have ever been on. The weather was perfect, it wasn't too hot or cold(except for the first night in 40 degrees weather and the kids in the pool-heated). I know a couple of times it would start to sprinkle and then it would just stop and the only day it actually rained a little was the day we left.
So let me begin by saying for the past almost 34 married years every time we go any place away from Port St Joe WE GET LOST and this was NO exception. The first night coming back from Disney we went in and out of the Disney area (where all the hotels are) I know 5 times. Then I got the giggles and Mike was getting a little angry at me. I couldn't help it, it just brought back memories when we would go with Mike's brother Guy and his family every year. We would get lost every time or something would always happen to us. THANK YOU JESUS for the TomTom, I will be getting one ASAP.
To tell you the truth I did not care about going down to Disney because when Matthew and Adam were little we went about 5 times down there in the middle of summer and it was crazy hot. But, just to be able to take my family and see those little eyes light up when we walked inside the part made everything worth it all. I am tearing up as I type now. They were the cutest little people there with all matching shirts, they are just beautiful babies.
They all three where holding hands with their Papa who was just as excited. You know when he is around there isn't anyone else in their eyes which Papa loves that.
Even at the fireworks the kids did great, even if hands were held over their ears.
I can truly say it was Magical and worth every thing we planned for.
We have already started making plans for the next time in January 2011. January is the best time I think, weather wise. I had rather be a little cool than burning up and almost passing out.
There are still some things I will talk about on my next post. You know there is always something that happens when we go off. I will share that next time.
We wrapped up the vacation in mine and Mike's room saying all the goodbye's to Adam and family. The kids hugged and I about started crying because it was just so touching. They truly love each other and those little arms wrapped around their necks saying good-bye was so very sweet. Britt, Paisley and Celie became really close and I know this summer they will have a blast and Papa doesn't even have to buy a swimming pool now LOL

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Close to Christmas

At the beginning of December I informed Mike that he would be doing the shopping this year~BIG MISTAKE. I have been in kind of a panic mode because I would have never waited this long to shop. I made him a list(he did not follow) well he couldn't see it because he CAN'T SEE!! He bought things that were not even on the list. I asked him to get a real nice gift and money, instead he got random gifts.
My poor babies I don't know what they are getting except for Celie.
This will not happen again trust me!! Now I am proud that he at least attempted and I guess he is what you call a thrift shopper, BUT NOT AT CHRISTMAS.
So this will be hopefully funny and not sad LOL
And then it's not really about the gifts, like Mike says"It's the thought that counts".
So when we give out all our gifts lets try and keep a straight face and thank Mikie for all his hard work and thought in this Christmas season!!!
And just remember Mama(Meme) will be doing it next year :0)